The 5th Wave | Cassie’s World

Cinefex Magazine interviewed our VFX Supervisor Randall Smith about our work on the feature film The 5th Wave. Read some excerpts below, and of course, check out the magazine for the full article!

The Embassy began developing explosion effects that matched the reference, using rigid body simulations in Houdini, and then handed them off to Pixomondo.

“The task in front of us,” said PIXOMONDO visual effects supervisor Randall Smith, “was not only to ensure that we satisfied the requirements form the director, but also to back into this look that had already been established. We took all the buildings that had been build out and approved, and then we imploded them and sank them into the ground. The idea conveyed to us was that it should look as if something deep inside the Earth had exploded and left a void; and then everything would fall into that emptiness. So, in the initial explosion, everything raises up; but then, after that, everything falls back in, leaving this massive crater.”

“In addition to collapsing more than a dozen of The Embassy’s 3D buildings, Pixomondo added interior structures revealed in their destruction. “We had this skin of a building,” said Smith, “but we had to build out the interior stuff that was going to be flying into the air in the explosions. Then we did the explosions themselves using Houdini. All of our work on this feature was done in Houdini – all the way from rendering and lighting to explosions, dust and all the other effects.”