Illusioned Reality | Our Global VR Story

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are developing as core topics in the industry. PIXOMONDO has followed and supported the rapid development of these new technologies, and we are proud to introduce VR/AR as our fastest growing global department.

VR describes the illusion of participating in a more or less synthetic environment. It relies on three-dimensional, stereoscopic, head-tracked displays, with optional gesture or body tracking and binaural sound. Immersion is the buzzword. AR supplements reality rather than completely replacing it. It allows the user to see the world as it really is, but with virtual objects superimposed upon or composited with the real world.

The grade of the immersion differs, but both technologies provide enhancement – in a magical way – to the present. However, it is not just about optimizing the technical aspects; the content is equally important. Today, the possibility of experiences such as 3-Dimensional Paintings, being James Bond for an hour, or driving a futuristic concept car are becoming a reality.

Our realtime department has expanded rapidly since we entered the market of realtime applications 2 years ago, and continues to grow and develop with each new advance in technology. The department is comprised of unity and unreal developers from around the globe, alongside programmers and realtime-CG-artists with backgrounds spanning from industry to gaming.  The interdisciplinary cooperation between all Pixomondo facilities and departments enables clients as well as developers and artists to strike out in a new and effective direction. Our main focus remains characteristic: we do it photorealistically. To achieve that goal, we offer AR and VR labs to the research teams as well as the newest goggles for testing and development purposes. Hardware prototypes with integrated depth sensors are installed in order to improve object and image detection.  Body and/or gesture tracking methods are also explored and improved upon.

At the moment, we are supporting several companies out of IT, automotive and industries with their vision of the realtime future. From trade fairs and sales tools to product development and hardware mock-ups, we are working to implement great experiences into VR and AR.